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Find cheap flights to and from England

With, we’ve build a search engine for booking tickets from England and out in the world. You can also search for tickets home from any destination abroad. At the top of this page, you’ll find a form. Enter your desired destination and when you’d like to travel. Click the red search button and we’ll find the best opportunities for you. This is the easiest way to find cheap flights no matter where you’re going. Once at our results page you can sort your searches even further.  

Find the cheapest flights

If your budget has first priority, several tips will secure you the cheapest flight tickets. If you’re flying with a low cost carrier, not checking in bagage will check save you around 20-30 pounds. Travelling light with cabin baggage only is cost effective. If you can be flexible with your departure and arrival times, this will save you money as well. Cheap flights are priced based on supply and demand. If you don’t mind travelling very early or late, that’ll grant you a discount for your ticket. Also, be sure to buy your tickets 4-6 weeks before departure.

Book flight and hotel at the same time and save money

Do you know by now, that you’re going to book a hotel where your going? You might as well book it now then. By booking your flight and hotel with the same company like Expedia, you’ll be getting a combined discount. You can even add a car rental and save even more, if you know you need it already. If you don’t fancy a hotel with your cheap flight tickets, consider searching portals like AirBnB and Wimdu for private apartments and houses. AirBnB is an option in most major European cities, Berlin excluded.

Cheap flights to the entire world

Our search engine looks for cheap flights in the entire world. You can use us both for short trips inside of Europa, if you’re going to North- og Southamerica, Asia, Africa og Australia. The longer you’re going to travel, the more stopovers you’re going to have and the more your flight is going to cost. And the more money can we save you when you search for cheap flights with us! Go to the top of this page to start searching for cheap flights right away.

4 good tips on finding cheap flights

Order 3 weeks ahead

Unless you are counting on a cheap cancelled flight in the last second, you can usually save quite a bit on your flights by ordering in good time. The prices of your flight tickets increase a lot in the weeks leading up to the journey.It makes sense for the airline to increase the prices close to departure. They know that business travellers rarely have the opportunity to book a long time in advance as opposed to tourists, who often plan half a year ahead. Business travellers - who can deduct their travels and thus have more money to spend - will have to pay the price when booking close up to departure.You will usually get the best prices from 3 weeks to 3 months prior to departure. You don not need to book a year ahead. Remain flexible until a month prior to travel and then book your flights to make sure, you don't pay more than you have to.

Be flexible with departure and return date and time

The biggest savings often occur, when you are flexible with the dates on which you're going to travel. If you're willing to take the flights in the early morning or late evening and in the weekdays instead of friday and sunday, you can often save more then 50 % on your tickets.It is the same principle as when you plan dinner ahead for a week. Look at when the restaurants are least occupied and go there.You can often save money by flying to the smaller airports - like going to Luton Airport in London instead of Heathrow. But be sure to check how much ground transportation from the otherwise cheap airport will set you back, as the cheapest airport may not be the cheapest final solution. Especially if you count in the hassle of having to travel more hours instead of arriving in comfort.

Delete your cookies before searching for cheap flights

Even though cookies on your computer in themselves are harmless and make your life easier, it is possible for airlines to use them to serve you a higher price when searching for cheap flights (even if this is not legal).If you search several times for the same ticket, the airlines know, you are likely to book that very flight soon - and they respond by automatically increasing the price of your flight online.Once you have found the cheap flights you want to book, erase the cookies on your computer or use the Incognito-tab in the Chrome-browser (on Windows: Ctrl + Shift + N  and on Mac OS: Command + Shift + N) to make sure the airline does not read your cookies prior to booking your flights.Surveys have also found that Mac-users sometimes get higher prices than Windows-users. But this is hopefully just a fluke and not a permanent practice among the big carriers.

Book flights on the right weekdays

Ir can have a huge impact on the price of the ticket which day you book your flight tickets. This is the case especially when booking flights for the US. If you study flight ticket prices for a longer period you will see that most price changes occur on Mondays and Tuesdays.Monday night is when a lot of airlines launch offers, where they lower prices by 15-25 %. By Tuesday their competitors see this and follow the price deductions. When you reach thursday and friday most if the cheap tickets will now be sold.Oftentimes you'll find the cheapest tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays - rarely on Fridays! Rated by 122 users: 4.7/5 in rating.